Color Wow Dream Coat For Curly Hair 200mls

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Color Wow Dreamcoat for curly hair is a styling solution for waves, curls, and spirals. Achieve silky, glossy, perfectly defined curls. This super light weight alcohol-free formula that delivers a frizz-free, bouncy ‘no crunch’ curls.

Voted best of the best by Naturally Curly 2019.

Alcochol free

No sulphates

Cruelty free

Gluten free

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For more information click here


Color Wow Dream Coat for curly hair has an anti-humidity formula that works to reduce the look of frizz by coating hair in a glossy, water-resistant cloak, without adding weight. Working to create glossy, defined waves and curls that are bouncy with no crunch leaving the finish with a high gloss finish. A major game changer for all you curly girls or indeed lads out there, all in one spray. And this is all down to the new technology combined by three polymers to solve every problem related to curls in a single, multi tasking curl formula. Polymer 1 moisturises, conditions and defrizzes. Polymer 2 restores bounce and elasticity. Polymer 3 keeps curls flexible, non brittle plus adds high gloss shine. All this without adding weight keeping the curls light and springy.

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